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Me, the Trans Pennine Trail and a crazy plan.

Having lived within a few miles of the Trans Pennine Trail for the last 15 years, we’ve naturally built up some history. I’ve pedalled, walked, jogged and even kayaked along sections of it, and me and my ‘less-enthusiastic-about-cycling-than-me’ fiancé pedalled it as a four day B+B tour in 2011.

Despite it not being a technically challenging trail, it does take in some nice areas and does it’s best to hide the worst from you (Stockport, Widnes?). I used to ride my full suspension bike down it, but then when I got a hardtail I realised how much quicker it was. Now I’ve built the cyclocross bike I’ve gone into warp speed and consequently collected a few (flat) Strava KOM’s.

Unfortunately, this has got me hatching a mad plan: I’ve started believing that I can ride the full 220 miles from Southport to Hornsea in under 20 hours, possibly even 18. I did 98 miles of it yesterday in just over 7 hours (including 1 puncture, 2 level crossings, 1 navigational error and 1 wardrobe malfunction). It also gave me chance to try out a GPS tracking app so that my progress could be followed from home – more on this in a future post.

I’m thinking I could set off about tea time from Southport on a summer evening, ride through the night over the Pennines and then hammer it out through Yorkshire as the day wears on. I’d need my night lights and a spare battery and probably a spare battery pack for the Garmin + iPhone, but it sounds do-able. More importantly, having just blogged about it on here means that I’m obliged to actually do it!

Anyone know of any course records for the route?


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