The over-enthusiastic cyclist

If it involves pedalling then I'm probably into it…


I’m not exactly a racing cyclist, but I do like a good tough challenge event. I’ve ridden a fair few sportives round the North West and one in France and have learnt to steer clear of the companies who run them for profit (queuing with thousands of other riders to fill a water bottle at the feed stops on the Cheshire Cat? Not for me thanks, Kilo To Go)

If the money goes to charity and is run by volunteers then I’ll happily get my money out. They’re usually the best events anyway so it’s a win/win situation.
Anyway, here’s a few achievements in my fave events:

The Fred Whitton Challenge, Lake District, UK
2010: 7h 15m
2011: 7h 51m
2013: 8h 01m
2014: 7h 30m
2016: 7h 21m

The Spud Riley PolkaDot challenge (100 miles), Peak District, UK
2009: 8h 02m
2010: 6h 56m
2011: 6h 49m
2012: 6h 55m
2013: 7h 17m
2014: DNF

Etape du Tour (112 miles), Pyrenees, France
2010: 9h 9m

Mary Towneley Loop Mountain Bike Challenge (46 miles), South Pennines, UK
2008: 6h 59m
2009: 5h 53m
2010: 6h 03m
2011: 5h 49m
2012: 5h 24m
2013: 5h 25m
2014: 4h 56m

Pendle Pedal/Predator or whatever they change the name to each year (usually about 100 mile), Lancashire, UK
2009: 7h 49m
2010: 6h 26m
2011: DNF
2012: 6h 58m

The Bowland Badass (168 miles), Lancashire, UK
2012: 12h 14m
2013: DNF

Etape du Dales (112 miles), Yorkshire, UK
2012: 7h 21m

Great Manchester Cycle (52 miles), Manchester, UK
2012: 2h 23m
2013: 2h 16m
2014: 2h 22m


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